The Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club (ECDGC) was established in 2005. Our club sponsors local tournaments, and runs weekly club tosses in the Northwest Florida area. Come join us!

President 2017
Jeff Casalina

Vice President & Treasurer 2017
Ryan Vann

Blue Angel DGC Liaison 2017
Josh Brigan

Hitzman-Optimist DGC Liaison 2017
Thomas Daly

PSC Milton DGC Liaison 2017
Charles Haney

Sunset DGC Liaison 2017
Rob Hastings

UWF DGC Liaison 2017

Whiting Field DGC Liaison 2017

Webmaster & Secretary 2017
James Ireland

Chris Gilmore

Matt Davenport

Mike Sidebottom

Mike Urbaniak

Nik McCue

Rich Allen

Steve Simpson

Thomas Lunsford

The Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf in Northwest Florida. For more information on memberships, club tosses or sponsorships please email us at and feel free to visit our forums

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